Autistic meltdowns: a guide for first responders

Autism advocate Viv Dawes has developed a new guide for police officers and other professionals who may come into contact with an autistic person experiencing meltdown.

Viv writes:

“This guidebook is designed for any first responders, primarily police officers, or anyone in the emergency services, who may come into contact with an autistic person experiencing a meltdown, a shutdown and autistic burnout. The book can also be used by social workers, mental health professionals and other professionals working with autistic people.

“This book gives you some basic information about what autism is and will give you an understanding of what autistic meltdowns and shutdowns are and how to respond appropriately. The book also explains what autistic burnout is, its causes, symptoms and what will and what will not help the autistic individual.

“Why is it so important to understand autistic meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout? It is common for many autistic people to reach crisis point – they need very particular help and support, which differs from people who are in crisis but not autistic. The suicide rate amongst autistic people is also very high, with autistic adults 10 times more likely to take their own lives, and autistic women 13 times more likely.”

Click on the image to download a free PDF copy of the Guide. More resources can be found on Viv’s website. ∎