Welcome to the website of the National Police Autism Association

We are a privately-run group of UK police officers and staff supporting colleagues affected by autism and other neurodivergent conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. We welcome all police personnel with a personal, family or professional interest in these conditions.

The NPAA offers free membership to the policing community and selected third parties. We host the Police Neurodiversity Forum, a unique online support and knowledge hub, and we maintain a network of champions to provide peer support.

We assist the police service in supporting neurodiversity in all its forms. The NPAA advocates for valuing individuals for their strengths, and creating a workplace environment and culture in which everyone can fulfil their potential. We aim to end the stigma, prejudice and ignorance surrounding neurodivergent conditions.

The NPAA also promotes and shares best practices for working with the autistic community, such as autism alert cards. We work with the Disabled Police Association, which represents neurodiversity as a facet of disability at national level, and we support the DPA’s goal of ending all forms of discrimination and ill-treatment of people with disabilities.

Read more about about our vision and values on our aims page.

On our site you will find our blog, information on the conditions we support, frequently-asked questions, useful links and media resources.

The NPAA is supported by the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the College of Policing, the Police Federation of England & Wales and the National Autistic Society. We work alongside our partner networks the ADHD Alliance and Police National Dyslexia Association to support and promote neurodiversity in policing.