Membership of the NPAA is free and open to police officers, staff and volunteers, including special constables and PCSOs. We welcome personnel from all UK territorial and national police forces.

The NPAA hosts the Police Neurodiversity Forum, an online community where members can discuss workplace, personal, family and public service delivery issues, share experiences and offer mutual support, in a supportive and confidential environment. We welcome discussions and questions around neurodiversity and anything else! The forum is searchable and also serves as a knowledge base, with information on the conditions we support and links to external resources.

How do I become a member and access the forum?

If you are new to us, register by filling in the form at the bottom of the page. (Note that the Register button on the forum login screen is disabled.) Click here to log in.

We’re not just for autism – or for police!

Associate membership and access to our forum is also available to personnel from public sector agencies and support-related groups, including the following (subject to approval by the forum administrator):

The forum is not open to members of public.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

If you are a UK emergency services or law enforcement agency employee/volunteer, or a member of a retired officers’ association, you have the option to register on the forum using an alias username and personal email address to keep your identity private. Alternatively, if you are joining the forum in a professional capacity to represent your role at work, you may prefer to register using your real name and display your role title. You can choose your registration preference on the form at the bottom of the page.

Staff from the other organisations listed above are required to display their name and role title on the forum.

Your registration details are held in confidence. The NPAA is independent of the police service.

To request membership and access to our forum:

UK police, emergency services and law enforcement agency staff: please provide your work email address and role title. If you would like access to the web forum, select whether you would prefer to use it in a professional capacity (displaying your name and role) or personal capacity (using an alias).

Retired officers: please click here

Staff from other organisations listed above: please provide your work email address (if available) and role title.

You will be emailed a registration link once your details have been confirmed.

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    Select your registration type:
    Professional: I will use the forum to represent my role - my name and Force/organisation will be displayed
    Personal: I will use the forum in a personal capacity - I can register with an alias username to keep my details private (UK emergency services & law enforcement agencies only)
    Email list only: I do not wish to join the forum - I prefer to receive regular email updates
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