We provide personal support to police officers, staff and volunteers through our network of champions (NPAA Coordinators) in UK police forces. The role involves being a point of contact for any colleague needing confidential support, and helping to moderate our web forum. Forces may have a single coordinator, or a lead coordinator and a team of deputies.

To get in touch with your local coordinator(s), log into our web forum – you will find their details in your Force folder. (You can get a username by completing the form on the Membership page.) If your Force doesn’t have a coordinator in post, you can still obtain confidential advice and support via our forum.

Interested in joining our coordinator team? We want to hear from you! The role is open to any police employee (officer or staff) of any rank or grade. No experience or qualifications are required, just a desire to learn and help others. You can read more about the role and make contact with our team of coordinators on our forum. Get in touch with us via the forum, website or Twitter.

NPAA Coordinators at West Yorkshire Police Training Centre